2017 Griswold Classic

2017 Griswold Cattle Classic Female Sale

December 16, 2017 • Stillwater, OK • 12:00 noon cst

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***Extra Info***

  • The picture shown, in the catalog, as lot 241 is actually the picture to lot 273
  • The bull some of the bred cows are bred too is Yardley Lad A323 ASA#2778834
    • Sire: ZKCC Chopper 844U
    • Dam: Miss Yardley P50 

Lots 1-25

Lots 26-56

Lots 101-125 Mainetainer Breds

Lots 126-150 Mainetainer Breds

Lots 151-177 Mainetainer Breds

Lots 178-199 Simmental Breds

Lots 200-225 Simmental Breds

Lots 226-250 Simmental Breds

Lots 251-267 Simmental Breds

Lots 268-273

Lots 401-446 Cows

Lots 501-537 Bred Trio Groups