Join us for the 2018 Grass to Grid Bull Sale
April 14th,2018 Follett, Texas

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2018 GTG Open, Ready to Breed, Heifers info

2018 GTG Bred Heifers Info

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All Videos uploaded!

Lots 101 - 130 Angus Yearling Bulls Videos

Lots 131 to 163 Angus yearling bulls

Lots 164 to 170 Angus Fall Bulls

Lots 171 to 200 Simmental Yearling Bulls

Lots 201 to 236 Simmental Yearling Bulls

Lots 237 to 256 Simmental Fall Bulls

Lot 257 to 270 Maine Yearling Bulls

Lots 271 to 293 Maine Yearling Bulls

Lots 294 to 310 Maine Fall Bulls

Lots 400-421 Red Angus Open Heifers Ready to Breed - sell gate cut

Lots 430-544 - open heifers ready to breed sell in uniform groups of 5

Lots 601-608 Bred Heifers