Grass to Grid Bull Sale

Join us for the 2016 Grass to Grid Bull Sale
Follett, Texas

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 THE SET OF BULLS WE ARE BRINGING YOU this year is truly amazing! We have some breed changing bulls in all three breeds that will not only sell a lot of semen but also bulls that will go out and make the commercial man a lot of money. One of the great things about our sale is that we sell three breeds, so you have plenty of different options when it comes to selecting the bull or bulls that fit your program.


We are always looking or trying to breed the next great herd sire.We take a lot of pride in our bull battery, and we really have a lot of fun promoting them. It’s really rewarding when we talk to Bourquin and hear that a set of steers sired by our bulls just topped the market, or going to Denver and seeing several National Champions sired by the Griswold bull battery. What really sets us apart though is the females these bulls produce.  Even though there are differences between the breeds, our bulls sire cattle that have a lot of similarities. Powerful, deep bodied, easy doing cattle with plenty of performance is what we all want.With Griswold Cattle, we want ours to do all that with eye-catching correctness and balance, and that’s what makes us different.


Craig and his crew had a heck of a run in Denver. (The Calf Champion Angus Bull in Denver, a full brother to the Calf Champion Angus Heifer, and the Grand Champion Pen of MaineTainer bulls all sell April 9th!) They have done a great job getting these bulls ready for sale day. What I like about this crew is that OK isn’t good enough. If it’s not perfect, you’re going to do it until it’s right! Last year was the hardest time we ever had getting ready for a bull sale, and this one was the easiest. Thanks to a heck of a crew!


Cattle are everything to us, but it doesn’t even come close to family! Thanks to my mom and dad, all my brothers and sister, and to my beautiful wife, Jeannie, and our kids, Maggie and Garrett.


Call me or any of our crew with questions or problems. Thanks for your continued support!