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      ASA # 3563436 • PB Simmental click on registration for updated epd and extended pedigree

      Homozygous Black  -  Homozygous Polled

      BW: 72 WW:731 Number 1 Bull in the breed for API, TI
      Top 10% for CE, Top 5% for BW, Top 2% for WW, Top 2% for YW, Top 3% for REA

      HOOKS Shear Force 38K
      sire: HOOKS Beacon 56B
      HOOKS Zafirah 41Z

      MCM Top Grade 018X
      dam: CLRS Always Xcellent
      HOOKS Xcellence 87X

      We always said if we ever got in the number bull business they had to be a good bull first and numbers second. We have never put focus on numbers we have always paid attention to the things that make cattlemen money upfront.  John is in the phase of life where he wakes up at four and can’t sleep, I haven’t got that phase but he wakes up and looks at all the catalogs and papers.  He ran across Guardian and was intrigued to say the least.  CRLS Guardian has a huge spread with a -2.2 bw to a 156 yw while still being in the top 1% for marbling, API, and TI while being a trait leader across the board in every measurable number. He liked him, the plus was Guardian is the top number bull in the entire nation, watch his video, he's not a glorified numbered Angus, he has MUSCLE, power, and look. The Simmental breed was meant to add power to your cow base, you don't have to compromise if you want to use a bull with an impeccable genetic profile. 

      Scheifelbein in Minninsota sold 20 Guardian sons that averaged $7,000 and TSN Simmentals in South Dakota sold a Guardian son to Werning Cattle for $37,000. 

      Guardian is a mature bull, there is no fluff to him.  He is huge footed, solid good toes that point where they should, bone, substance, and powerfully made.  The way the numbers read he ought to make you a heck of a set of replacements and the steers will feed like a dream.  He has proven he can make bulls that demand a premium on a consistent basis.  

      We have long said the cattle need to match the numbers this bull does just that.  We take a lot of pride in the fact that we bring high dollar bulls to your program so you can use them, everyone, not just an elite few.  This is a bull that can change your numbers in one mating.    

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