About Us

We have always liked our females to have that extra look, chubby, stout, with that extra something that we call eye catching correctness and balance.  That’s what my dad taught us and his dad taught him.  We feel the bulls that follow in these pages will give you that extra look and power that set’s your program apart.  We know about the power of maternal that’s why every bull in this catalog has a great cow behind him.  We think this is the best set of maternal bulls in the business and we know they will make the kind of females that will make you money.  We did spin off of this theory this year and bought a few club calf bulls, we have seen how the club calf industry thrives off of these maternal genetics and our type of females,  Jaecke visits so many places that types of genetics.  We searched the nation when we were buying these bulls.  The one thing that we strive for is to bring you genetics that are demanded, sought after, and can bring a premium.  We have a production sale, we know the importance of having the right kind.  The bulls you breed to each year are the quickest way to get to where you want to be with your cow base. Don’t hesitate to call, we’d love to talk genetics with you!

We are a family operation, we believe in this industry, we believe in our program, and we believe that together we can reach the top.