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      AMAA#531446 • 3/4 MAINE

      BW: 77 WW: 670 Fall bull

      BBBN X2 201X
      Sire. BNWZ DATA BANK 1311C ET 

      Dam. GCC DIXIE ERICA B571

      Now this is a bull we couldn’t be more pumped over, one he’s flat out good and two his mother may be the best cow we one and you all know how we love a good cow family and this one is everyone's favorite. 

      Belmont is a Data Bank x B571 (Hard Whiskey) oh and she goes back to 673R a direct daughter of OCC 816B a full sister to OCC Emblazon the arguably the greatest cow family to ever walk. I could write volumes. Take the time to go to our website and watch her video, it speaks for itself.  B571 has as much volume, overall power, mass, and dimension as you could possibly put in a female, she simply has not ever missed, not once, every calf she has made has been the right kind, she clicks no matter how she is crossed.  If I could replicate her a thousands times over I would, that's just how much we all love this cow.

      Belmont has stood out from the time that he was little, he had the bone, mass and power you wish you could put into ever calf.  He hits his stride right on and does it in a powerful made package.  This is a bull that literally has the potential to sire those females that still have the look and soundness you want while adding some power that you need.  He is soft middled and easy doing.  Generational power top and bottom with a pedigree you couldn’t write out any better.  There is a reason this one is good!

      A Garth daughter brought $26,000 to Cleve Clark and won just about every major in Texas, her $10,000 flushmate went to Florida to Shenefield family and has been supreme heifer at over 18 jackpots and won every place she has went. A  full sib to Belmont brought $17,000 and a Garth brother sold for $9,000.  His full sister brought $35,000 as lot 101 to Lambright and Thwaits. This is a full list of progeny sold, B571 was one of those cows that wrote her own story and proved time and again that she was the kind that deserved donor status.

      Full sister to Belmont


      Belmont as Grand Champion at the great National Western Stock Show



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