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      GCC Gold Standard X615
      AAA#17001727 • Angus

      Sire. GCC TOTAL RECALL 806T
      OCC JUANADA 741K

      OCC NITRO 703N
      OCC JUANADA 862M

      First calf heifers are something everyone in the business knows that getting a nice small calf has so many advantages.  You have a live calf, that gets up and sucks (if they don’t do those two things, does anything else matter?), a first calf heifer that will breed back quicker because she’s had no trauma, and you get a replacement female that is a great cow with calving ease bred into her pedigree.  Gold Standard is our go to heifer bull.  They come nice and easy, and they have the look and design of a big bodied, easy doing female, that is at the top of your pen.  When we first came out with Gold Standard we really didn’t realize the power of 925R, now she has three bulls in our sire book and they are as good and solid as any we have raised.  The Gold Standard daughters are beautiful, it doesn’t matter if they are PB Angus or have a little Simmy or Maine on the bottom side, they are the right kind of cattle.  In the past we have heard people say that we breed our heifers Angus and it hurts there value for resale on that first calf, but there are countless stories of the first calf daughters sired by Gold Standard paying for their dams, selling for as high as $25,000. I had several customers comment this year how much the value of our females in the Classic goes up for them when they are bred to Gold Standard. 

      Owned with. JE Ranch, Bourquin Cattle and Boss Cattle

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