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      AAA#19919948 • Angus

      Don Jose 176 Maxi
      Sire. Don Aparicio Serrucho57 Maxi
      Don Aparicio Serranias 57

      Consenza Don Roberto 338 T/E
      Dam. Rubeta Fontana 7567-T/E-
      Rubeta Fontana 6207-T/E-

      We saw Argentine with his brothers before he hit the scene, the Hummel crew laid over at our house on the way to Cattleman's Congress and we spent a lot of time walking those bulls back and forth in the sale pen's at Bull Run.  Long story short it has all came full circle and Argentine is coming home to Bull Run.  

      Argentine is not your odrinary Angus bull, a complete outcross to all the genetics in the sates backed by a program that has focused on quality and consistency with cow families generations deep, the La Rubeta.

      Rubeta Fontana 7367-TE, is known as “Tank,” she is as powerful as any female you will find ANYPLACE, rib, shape, dimension, and the beauty you only find with complete balance.   His sire, Don Aparicio Serrucho 57, was the Grand Champion Bull in 2015 at the world-famous Palermo Angus show. before you lay judgement that this is just another show bull you need to to d some reasearch on the Palermo Angus show, they show cattle like we used to, the whole Nation comes together and real world cattle are judged by real world cattlemen.

      Argentine like his parents has the balance, the look, the design, and most importantly the red meat and power throughout that cattlemen need and demand.  He is not your typical Angus bull, huge hipped, plenty of rib shape and body, and better yet he passes it all on.  His daughters we promise you will find in the keeper pen.  His bulls will stay bulls in the spring, they are functional, plenty of bone, foot size, and they cover ground, sound made, and good looking. Before we bought Argentine, we saw the calves, we viewed the bred heifers, they are practical, real world cattle for real world cattlemen.  Change is happening, and Argentine is the bull that can accommodate. This is your outcross sire that can generate functional cattle with a quality look. Take advantage when opportunity presents itself.

      The one thing we wanted was to make sure that everyone could afford this semen, he's the kind of bull the industry needs and he'll make a cow base that demands a premium, that's what it's all about.  Welcome to the G- team Argentine, we are darn proud to have you!

      Pictured is Rubeta Fontana 7567-T/E-



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