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      C4 Play it Safe
      AAA# 20095351 • Angus

      COLMAN CHARLO 0256
      Sire. COLEMAN BRAVO 6313

      OCC JUANADA 710K

      We are cow family gurus around here, it's the secret to consistency. John saw this bull and loved him but his pedigree, specifically the cow families GENERATIONS DEEP sealed the deal, then the fact that he is calving ease deluxe put the extra stamp of approval on him.  On the bottom side of this pedigree you have EXT out of 710K who is an Anchor.  Then you have Anchor x 709Z who was a Hero 6267 out of Anchor’s dam 709V, so it is a brother (Anchor, 6807 x 709V)  x sister (R R Hero 6267 x 709V) mating, you may have to read that a few times.  710K does best what Ohlde is known for, lining up those powerful females and stacking the pedigrees. In these pedigree’s follow the cow linage, that is where the true power comes into play.

      Charlo is a Paxton, who is a Focus, who is a 654X x 1019 (Emblazon’s dam) on the top side.  Then you look to the bottom side and you have  Great Plains who is an EXT x 1019, two doses of 1019, back on an Anchor, crossed up on one more dose of 709V back on the original Blackbird of RR 1204 (dam of Eureaka), one of the original Rolling Rock cows who when Tim started breeding Angus she was one of the foundations. Tim is a mastermind  breeder in making as consistent cattle as there is in the entire industry.

      Add all that to the epic cow family that has made Coleman’s as famous as any Angus breeder in the Country.  In this line you find Rainmaker 654X twice.  The Donna cow family is epic in making those foundation cattle that have taken so many to the top of their game, she is unparalleled in consistency and potency.

      Now we love pedigree’s because we love figuring out why cattle are so good, but let’s talk about the bull himself.  We are going to start at the front and move on back.  Study the makeup of this bulls head, you can tell a lot about him just by that.  He has a presence about him that screams female maker.  His neck comes out high on his shoulder and he’s good fronted,  good bodied, with rib, shape, and dimension, he has the muscle pattern and design to make females and has a 38 scrotal.  You can’t ask for anymore on a female making, easy calving bull. 

      He won’t be the bull that makes you a super high dollar show heifer but the females he leaves you will be unbelievable cows, the kind of  females that as five year olds that you can mate to anything and they not only work but they look amazing doing it, mate the Simmy, Maine, or Angus, they will be the kind that “click”. Set up the base, take care of the basics, everything else will fall into place. This bull is bred for potency and consistency.

      Play it Safe's beautiful dam.

      owned with. Mullett Cattle

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